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About Jad

Hi, my name is Jadranka Zivka Marinovic, also known as Jad, I’m a Melbourne-based professional kettlebell sport athlete, a certified kettlebell instructor, personal trainer and mother of two. I specialise in Kettlebell training for fitness, sport and Kettlebell Juggling.

A little bit about my background, how I got into kettlebell training and transformation!

My life has revolved around my passion for lifting weights and fitness. As a child I did gymnastics and dancing, but I also had an adventure living in Croatia between the ages of 12 and 14. During those years I discovered my true strength, and had lots of chances to test it out living on a farmAs a teenager, at 15 years old, I started lifting weights and wanted to inspire women to lift weights. As a builder’s daughter, I am no stranger to lifting odd heavy objects on site, at a property development.  In 1992 I began my career in the fitness industry as an Aerobics Instructor, and I have 25 years of conventional strength training experience. Basically I was what they call a ‘gym junkie’, training 6 days a week for 2 hours a day minimum. I also have a background as a fitness bikini model and dancer at fashion shows.  

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Busy working on my new online membership website due to be launched very soon! I have been recording exercises and workouts for last 10 years including while I have been travelling! My very first exercises and workout was recorded in the Dubrovnik Palace in Croatia in 2007 and have been recording in the gym, studio, home, park, during and post pregnancy plus more! So excited to finally put together my fitness and kettlebell journey training anywhere anytime! #newprogramcomingsoon #kettlebellfitness #kettlebellsport #kettlebelljuggling #exercises #unconventionaltraining #jadmarinovic #outdoorworkouts #inthegym #trainingathome?? #onlineclubcoming2017 #onlinechallenges #onlineprograms #jzm #kettlebellathletica #labofchampions #labofchampionspinkbelt #labofchampionpinkshoes #kettlebells

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