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Class Policies

KBA Small Group/Class Policies

  • Please be on time for all classes.  The warm-up phase of the class is vital to prevent injury.
  • Similarly, stay until the very end – the cool-down is equally important.
  • Be considerate of other participants exercise space.
  • Appropriate shoes must be worn for your own protection – no bare feet or socks only permitted.
  • Do not do your own routine.  This is discourteous to your instructor and distracting to your fellow members.
  • Please consult your instructor if you are unable to follow his/her routine for any reason.
  • Please bring along a towel and a drink container.
  • Breathing is the key to good exercise.  Concentrate on your breathing while you train.

You can ensure you obtain maximum benefit and enjoyment from your classes by keeping in mind the following factors:

All classes will cater for all levels of fitness

  • Advice the instructor prior to class commencement of any injuries you may have currently, or if you are pregnant – your instructor will then be able to advise you of any particular exercises you should avoid or modify for your own comfort.
  • If you have any doubts or queries about your posture, exercise techniques, discomfort you may be feeling, etc., do not hesitate to consult your instructor.  Our instructors are all certified and qualified, are very approachable and will do all they can to answer your queries.
  • Be sure to work at your own pace.  If you are having difficulty keeping up with an instructor, slow down to a pace at which you feel comfortable.  You will obtain more benefit from the class executing the exercises at half-pace correctly than at full-pace while sacrificing proper form.
  • If you should feel pain or discomfort at any stage do not persist with the exercise causing discomfort.  Speak to your instructor so your workout can be modified.
  • Finally, relax and enjoy your workout.  Work hard, listen to your instructor at all times and concentrate on doing each exercise correctly to achieve the results you want.

Note: All class pass types have expiration dates.  It is your responsibility to know the expiration date of the class package.