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Event Promoter/Organiser/Representative



Promoter/Organiser/Kettlebell Events/Representative & Team Australia member!

HISTORY – Timeline


September – KBA Perth Open / 5th Australia World Grand Prix series hosted at the Body Consultants Gym presented by WAKSC/Ketacademy Australia Representative/Kettlebell Athletica and Perth Kettlebell Sport Academy.

March – 7th KBA Melbourne Open / 5th Australia World Grand Prix hosted at the 4th Arnold Classic Australia!


Jad Marinovic, the Arnold Sports Festival Australia Kettlebell Sport Captain since 2015!


Oct – IGSF Australia Representative/Captain and IGSF Team Member for Australia at the 25th IGSF World Championship in Greece. 1st Australian to achieve 3 Gold Medals competing in two disciplines in both open and veteran div making history becoming  1st double Jerk for women world champion and 1st snatch only Master of Sport  in Australia!

Sep – KBA Perth Kettlebell Sport Open

June – KBA Kettlebell Sport Classic

March – KBA Melbourne Open / 4th Australia World Grand Prix hosted at the 3rd Arnold Classic Australia!


Represented Australia at the ASM Vityaz Moscow World Cup in Russia

March – 5th KBA Melbourne Open / 3rd  Australia World Grand Prix hosted at the 2nd Arnold Classic Australia!


Dec – GSAA Melbourne Regionals

Sep – IKMF Australia Representative/Captain, and 1st Kettlebell Sport Marathon World Champion representing Australia at the 1st IKMF Kettlebell Marathon World Championship in Minsk Belarus!

March – 4th KBA Melbourne Open / 2nd Australia World Grand Prix hosted at the 1st Arnold Classic Australia organised by Jad Marinovic, Arnold Classic Australia Kettlebell Sport Captain.


Dec – KBA/Keta Melbourne Open / 1st  WAKSC Australia World Grand Prix

Ketacademy Seminar with Sergey Rachinskiy & RGSA with Anton Anasenko at KBA

Dec – IUKL/GSAA  1st Australia World Cup PRO Division at KBA

Aug – 5th GSA National Championship at KBA


Dec – KBA/Keta Melbourne Open / 3rd Australia Marathon Championship at KBA

Dec – Workshop/Training Days  with Denis Vasilev


June – KBA/Keta 2nd Melbourne Kettlebell Marathon. First time in the World  launching Ketacademy ranking Table which combined both traditional and non-traditional events at KBA.


Aug – 3rd GSAA  National Championship at KBA

Aug – IKSFA Level 2  Certification with Sergey Rudner and Sergey Rachinskiy at KBA

Feb – KBA Melbourne Kettlebell Marathon at KBA

Feb – IKSFA Level 1  Certification with Sergey Rudnev and Sergey Rachinskiy at KBA


Aug – Represented Australia making history in  the 1st World Olympiad Half Marathon

June – Represented Australia making history at the IGSF 1 Hour Marathon Championships in Milan Italy.

May – Travelled to Russia to train with my coach Sergey Rachinskiy and becoming Australia’s 1st Female IKSFA Certified coach and  IKSFA Representative.


Dec – GSAA 1st National Championship hosted by Jad Marinovic and Kettlebell Athletica

Nov – Represented Australia at the AKC Classic in Las Vegas

Oct – IKSA Level 1 & 2 Kettlebell Certification with Vasily GInko hosted by Jad Marinovic & Kettlebell Athletica Gym in Melbourne.

Feb – GSAA Melb Regional hosted by Jad Marinovic at  Kettlebell Athletica Gym


KBA Introduction to Kettlebells Workshop at KBA


Manufacture Kettlebell Athletica brand of Kettlebells

Jan – Official Launch of Kettlebell Athletica gym


Dec – Steve Cotter Melbourne Workshop


Aug –  Kettlebell Athletica signs commercial lease and opens Australia’s 1st commercial kettlebell gym

Aug – JZM Pty Ltd / Kettlebell Athletica club

July – AKI Certification


Started training clients and running group training with Kettlebells for fitness at local gym.


Returned to fitness industry as Personal Trainer / JZM Personal Training business

International/National Representative

Over the past several years Jad has represented both National and International Kettlebell Sport Associations volunteering, hosting and sponsoring competitions, and organising certifications with international world champions guests,  including 8 years  sponsoring/volunteering as GSA committee member, and representing Australia overseas plus more.

International Representative:  

Ketacademy, WAKSC, IGSF, WKSF & ASM Vityaz

Former Representative History:

IKSFA b/w 2011-2016

IKMF b/w 2013-2017

IUKL b/w 2014 – 2016

GSAA Committee Member as Secretary b/w 2010-2011,

GSAA Committee Competition Advisor b/w 2012-2014

GSAA President b/w 2014-2016

To date Jad Marinovic has been an ambassador for kettlebell sport in Australia and is the only female in the history of Kettlebell Sport in the World to represent 7 associations/clubs simultaneously on a international level which include (Ketacademy, WAKSC, WKSF, IGSF,  IUKL, IKMF, ASM Vityaz, and 1st female elected to be President of GSAA) and is known as an ambassador of Kettlebell Sport in Australia promoting and growing sport over the years being part of  many historic Kettlebell Sport milestones and achievements in Australia hosting many National and International events (1st GSA Nationals, 1st IUKL World Cup Australia, 1st WAKSC World Grand Prix Australia, 1st Kettlebell Marathon in Australia, 1st IGSF Australia Cup, 1st Arnold Sports Classic Australia Kettlebell Sport Championship, 1st IKMF/UGC events as the IKMF Representative in conjunction with host gyms plus more.  In the past year due to personal reasons and being a busy mother of two boys, Jad has resigned from being renominated on GSA committee after sponsoring, hosting events and on committee  since 2009, and also resigned as IUKL rep after 2 years and IKMF/UGC  rep after 5 years.

Kettlebell Sport Event Summary 


1st GSAA National Championship hosted by Jad Marinovic at Kettlebell Athletica Club in conjunction with GSA. (To date hosted 3 x GSA National Championships and 2 x Regional plus several other events while President hosted in conjunction with other gyms.)


1st Kettlebell Athletica/KETAcademy – KBA Kettlebell Marathon & KBA Melb Open event in Australia hosted by Kettlebell Athletica Club


1st IUKL World Cup PRO Division hosted by Jad Marinovic at Kettlebell Athletica gym in conjunction with GSA

1st WAKSC World Grand Prix hosted by Jad Marinovic/Kettlebell Athletica Gym


1st Arnold Sports Classic Australia Kettlebell Sport Championship hosted by Jad Marinovic and Kettelbell Athletica

1st IGSF Australia Cup IKMF/UGC comps!