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2019 IGSF Kettlebell Sport World Championship in Melbourne Nov 1st – 6th


SNATCH (10 Minute event)

Jad Marinovic representing Australia achieving Australia’s 1st IGSF Snatch Master of Sport at the 2017 25th IGSF World Championship winning Gold in her category by 3 points in last 30 seconds.


SNATCH (IGSF Half Marathon 30 Minute event)

Avery representing USA at the 2014 22nd IGSF World Championship

JERK (IGSF Kettlebell Marathon 60 Minute event)

Jad Marinovic representing Australia at the 2011 IGSF Kettlebell Marathon Championship

2017 25th IGSF Kettlebell Sport World Championship Team Results!

2017 IGSF Australia Team Representatives in Greece Team Results!

Congratulations to the 2017 IGSF Australia Team athletes Jad Marinovic, David Tabain and Marylin Tuna who represented Australia at the 2017 25th IGSF Girevoy Sport World Championships in Loutraki Greece on the 12 – 16th of October achieving outstanding results!

2017 IGSF Team Australia athletes Marylin Tuna, Jad Marinovic and David Tabain at the 25th IGSF World Championship in Loutraki Greece October 2017.

2017 IGSF Australia Team Results below:

 Jad Marinovic – 3 x World Champion

3 x Gold & 2 x Australian Record

Event: Jerk (TAJ) 2 x 16 kg -60 w/c 88 Points,

1st Australian World Champion in Jerk (TAJ)

Event: Snatch 16 kg -60 w/c 178

1st Australian Master of Sport rank in Snatch only

Elite & Veteran Divisions

Coach Sergey Rachinskiy

David Pow Tabain  – 1 x World Champion

Gold & Australia Record

Event: Biathlon 24 kg Snatch 225 reps & Jerk 111 reps Total Points

1st Australian Male Biathlon World Champion

Amateur Division

Marilyn Tuna

8th place in world & Australia Record

Event Long Cycle (TALC) 2 x 16 kg 70+ w/c 80 Points

Elite Division

Coach Tracey Gunn

Kettlebell Sport History for women lifting double kettlebells at the IGSF World Championship.

This was the first time in Kettlebell Sport history that IGSF included two arms Long Cycle and 2 arms Jerk for Women in the IGSF World Championship. A total of 18 women competed in the two arm Long Cycle (TALC), 38 in the one arm Long Cycle (OALC) and 15 women in the two arm jerk (TAJ) demonstrated outstanding result. 34 Kettlebell male lifters competed in the Biathlon with double 32 kg kettlebells and 46 with 24 and 16kg.

2017 25th IGSF World Championship Results:

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