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COMBINATIONS Two Hand Rack into Bottoms Up Press 1 Clean and Press 2 Squat, Clean and Press 3 Squat clean and Bent Press 4 Squat Clean and Sots Press 5 Split Clean and Split Jerk 6 Squat Clean and Jerk …

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Australia's 1s Master of Sport International Class. Kettlebell Sport Pioneer.

Zivka Jadranka Marinovic, more commonly known as Jad, is born in Melbourne, Australia with Croatian and Canadian/British ancestry. Jad is a Mother of two boys, Personal Trainer, kettlebell sport coach, and founder of Kettlebell Athletica, with 25 years experience in the fitness industry, including 14 years specialising in kettlebell lifting. Jad Marinovic is a 6-time World Champion Professional kettlebell sport athlete, and 7-time world champion in the Veteran division, world record holder, pioneer, and most decorated kettlebell sport athlete in Australia achieving multiple firsts in Kettlebell Sport in both classic and non-traditional disciplines.  Some highlights include becoming the first Australian to be ranked  “Master of Sport International class”(MSIC), and has achieved 4 x MSIC, and 9 x Master of sport (MS) rank titles. Jad is Australia’s first international Kettlebell Marathon champion and winner, and in the world she is a kettlebell marathon pioneer for woman lifting two kettlebells for one hour, and most recently the first person in the world to lift two kettlebells for three hours. To date she is also the first and only Australian to win a Power Juggling title.


Achievements and Titles