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 About JZM – Jadranka Zivka Marinovic

img_HomeAboutJadHi, my name is Jadranka Zivka Marinovic, also known as Jad, I’m a mother of two, certified personal trainer, Kettlebell Sport Coach, and professional kettlebell sport athlete. I specialise in Kettlebell training for fitness, sport and Kettlebell Juggling.










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2 x Master of Sport World Class, 8 x Master of Sport and 5 x World Champion!

Athlete Achievements here: Athlete Achievements link

Competition History Timeline Link Here: Competition list here


Kettlebell Sport Link: Qualifications and Workshops



To date I am the Arnold Sports Festival Kettlebell Sport Captain in Australia, President KSAF, and on an international level Kettlebell sport representative for the following international kettlebell Sport associations (WAKSC, KETACADEMY, IGSF, and ASM Vityaz) for the purpose of hosting, organizing, sponsoring and competing to promote the sport of kettlebell lifting.


2011 – 2016 IKSFA/GSAA (7 years)

2012 – present Ketacademy (7 years)

2013 – present WAKSC (6 years)

2013 – 2017 IKMF/UGC (5 years)

2014 – present IGSF (5 years)

2014 – 2016 IUKL (2 years)

2017 – present KSAF President (1.5 years)

2014 – present Arnold Sports Festival Kettlebell Sport Captain (5 years)

2009 – 2016 GSAA Committee Member included GSAA Secretary/GS Coach & Competition  Advisor/President (7 years)

Invited/Hosted Certifications/Workshops/Training Days/Sessions with World Champions in Melbourne (2010 – 2018)


  • 2010 (Oct) IKSA Level 1 & 2 Kettlebell Certification with Vasily GInko hosted by Jad Marinovic & Kettlebell Athletica Gym in Melbourne.
  • 2011 (May) – Travelled to Russia to train with my coach Sergey Rachinskiy and IKSFA Training Camp, and becoming Australia’s 1st Female IKSFA Certified coach and  IKSFA Representative.
  • Jeff Martone Kettlebell Juggling Workshop
  • 2012 (Feb) – Hosted/invited IKSFA Level 1 Certification and training days with HCR World champions Sergey Rudnev and Sergey Rachinskiy at Kettlebell Athletica.
  • 2012 (Aug) – Hosted/Invited IKSFA Level 2 Certification and training days with HCR World champions with Sergey Rudner and Sergey Rachinskiy at Kettlebell Athletica.
  • 2013 (June) – Hosted/Invited Ketacademy Level 2 Certification and training days with HCR Sergey Rachinskiy at Kettlebell Athletica.
  • 2014 (Dec) – Hosted/Invited Ketacademy Seminar with Sergey Rachinskiy & RGSA Seminar with Anton Anasenko at Kettlebell Athletica.
  • 2016 (Dec) – Hosted/Invited Ketacademy Seminar with Sergey Rachinskiy & RGSA Seminar with Anton Anasenko at Kettlebell Athletica.
  • 2017 (Dec) – Hosted/Invited Ketacademy Seminar with Sergey Rachinskiy.
  • Kettlebell Athletica Accredited Workshop including with Phil Kourbatski  (2009 – 2018)

Invited/hosted training sessions with world champions in Melbourne (2010 – 2018):

  • Vasily GInko at Kettlebell Athletica (2010),
  • Sergey Rudnev at Kettlebell Athletica (2012 & 2014),
  • Sergey Rachinskiy at kettlebell Athletica and other gyms (2012 Feb & June, 2013 June, 2014 Dec, 2016 March, ,2018 March,
  • Denis Vasilev at Kettlebell Athletica (2013),
  • Anton Anasenko at Kettlebell Athletica (2014),
  • Ivan Denisov at Arnold Sports Festival in Melb following competition (2018).

For more information click here: Promoter and Representative link

A little bit about my background, how I got into kettlebell training, transformation and how I discovered Kettlebells!

My life has revolved around my passion for lifting weights and fitness. As a child I did gymnastics and dancing, but I also had an adventure living in Croatia between the ages of 12 and 14. During those years I discovered my true strength, and had lots of chances to test it out living on a farm. As a teenager, at 15 years old, I started lifting weights and wanted to inspire women to lift weights. As a builder’s daughter, I am no stranger to lifting odd heavy objects on site, at a property development.  In 1992 I began my career in the fitness industry as an Aerobics Instructor, and I have 25 years of conventional strength training experience. Basically I was what they call a ‘gym junkie’, training 6 days a week for 2 hours a day minimum. I also have a background as a fitness bikini model and dancer at fashion shows.  


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Following the birth of both my sons, I gained over 30 kg, and quickly discovered that  no matter how motivated I was it was constantly a challenge  for me to  train in the gym consistently.  For the first time in my life I was out of shape, weak with no energy to do basic tasks. I was determined to find a new way to train that will fit into my new lifestyle as a new Mum.  I started to do research online in 2006 of alternative ways to exercise and discovered the Kettlebell which was life changing!  Since discovering the kettlebell  and not only getting back into shape but stronger than ever before, I became very passionate about teaching others about the benefits of kettlebell training.  After years of lifting weights in the gym, I stopped training and working in conventional gyms, gave up my professional career in IT, sold my investment property, and took the plunge and opened a dedicated kettlebell gym “Kettlebell Athletica” that specializes in kettlebell lifting in all aspects, as well as odd object lifting — Australia’s 1st.  I also manufactured my own brand of kettlebells (Kettlebell Athletica) which I  distribute around Australia and started teaching workshops and the rest is history.