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Testimonial – Taz Dunstan. – CEO of XL Personal Training, fitness professional, sponsored athlete and mum of 2.

I trained with Jad briefly at the end of 2017 and debuted my kettlebell performance at the Arnolds 2 months later in 2018 where I took out gold medals in both my events:
? Novice full cycle 2 x 8kgs for 10 mins (rank I)
? Novice jerk 2 x 8kg for 5 mins (rank II)

The friendliness of the kettlebell community was awesome and the Arnold’s was an incredible experience. As a result of how much I enjoyed it, I will be competing in more events and actively training to represent Australia in kettlebell sports! I could not be happier training under Jad who has been incredible in her support and effortless instruction. Her wealth of knowledge, passion to teach and experience coupled with her world champion achievements make Jad an absolute inspiration and a mentor I am honoured to be coached by.


Testimonia Raha Golpa 2019

Private Workshop/Training at home for women Testimonial with Raha Golpa who lost 30 kg in 3 months with Kettlebell Athletica trainer @jadmarinovic.

Testimonial – I was 57kg before pregnancy and I was ok with my body. I gained extra 30 kg before giving birth and I was so concerned if I can have my body back. I knew Jad for more than a year and she said I will lose all the extra weight if I follow her training. I knew she is a very good trainer and accepted her offer. She provided personal training once a week and a program at home training with Kettlebells. I really loved her passion, energy, and skills. She was always on time which was very important for me. Finally I couldn’t believe I was 57kg again only three moths after giving birth!
Now I am 57 kg which is good and my goal is to continue training towards being toned, and I am sure in a few months I will get results with her training and tips.  Thanks Jad you are truly the best! Swipe across to see before picture! Raha Golpa

Testimonial – Dilip Selvam 2019

It was a great opportunity to take part in Arnold Classics 2016 and 2018 @kbamelbopen for Kettlebell athletica! I’m looking forward to train and participate in the 2019 Arnold Classics under the guidance of my coach Jad Marinovic. I’m lucky to train with such a experienced person in kettlebell sport who has a vast knowledge of the sport. She has guided me in my training to achieve the best I can. Blessed to have @jadmarinovic as my Kettlebell sports coach ?


Testimonial – Anna Clayton. – After the birth of my first child I was keen to lose the weight I had gained during my pregnancy.  In the past I had kept fit and lost weight by running, but due to a severe problem with my ankle I am no longer able to run.  I was unsure what to do, then my partner suggested I take up kettlebell.  I wasn’t confident to do more than the absolute basics on my own because I was worried that I could injure myself, especially as I’d had a cesarean section only five months before.  I searched for someone I could learn from and  found many personal trainers who offered kettlebell but they didn’t have specific kettlebell experience and training, which was what I was looking for. Then I came across Jad’s website.  Not only did she have experience that no one else in Australia had but she was also, not only a woman, but a mother.  From the first time I met her Jad has been fantastic.  She understood what I wanted from kettlebell and made me feel that it was achievable . She never made me feel embarrassed or depressed about my fitness or weight, instead she made me feel excited about the journey to weight loss and a new way to maintain and build my fitness. I have now been training with Jad for nearly a year.  She has taken me from the absolute basics to more and more complex, challenging and fun routines and moves.  She has constantly come up with training plans to suit my specific needs.  I have enjoyed every session and been motivated and confident to train on my own at home as well.  I am happy to be feeling fit again, about halfway to my weight loss goal, and confident that I can get all the way.


David Newsham – Former Police Officer/Firearms-Defensive Tactics Instructor/Cert III and Cert IV Fitness – I have been involved in the fitness/training industry for over 20 years. I was a Police Officer for 11 years which included time as a firearms a defensive tactics instructor. I am also a qualified Personal Trainer. My duties as a Police Officer required a lot of functional strength and endurance which led me to my first experience with Kettlebells in 2005. Since then I have used them extensively in my training programs and recently decided to compete. I found Jad Marinovic through research, and, given her exceptional experience, qualifications and noticeble passion for Kettlebells and the sport I decided to contact her and begin receiving training by her. I must say I have been blown away by Jad as a person, coach, motivator, skills as an instructor and her wealth of experience. What I have learnt with Jad thus far is more than I have learnt in my 20 years in the fitness industry with Kettlebells. So much so I am now finding myself entering my first competition in girevoy on a major platform being the 2016 Arnold Classic. Without Jad I would not have been able to achieve this.
Her professionalism, attitude, instructional abilities, experience, motivational skills, approachability and communication skills ar by far some of the best I have ever seen and that is why I recommend her for those wanting to attain any goals health and fitness related whether it be with Kettlebells or not.


Ali Brennan – Jad introduced a new and more comfortable way of holding the Kettlebells at our workshop. I will now be able to lift heavier bells for longer and feel more comfortable while I compete. The new style allowed for better breathing which is pretty important when you’re lifting for 10 mins or greater. We learned so much about efficiency from Jad and focused on key technique points for all events (jerk, long cycle, snatch) in both single an double bells. We loved it and we had a blast with Jad, a fun instructor to learn from.
September 9, 2015


Adam Vahratian – – Jad is an outstanding master of her craft; incredibly bright with a treasure trove of Kettlebell Sport and Fitness knowledge; expert in, traditional and innovative training methods; and a warm, energetic personality that make workouts fun. Jad Marinovic helped me go from a struggling physical state to a competitor in 1 hour marathons. She’s a real world champion and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured. Adam Vahratian.


Testimonial David Stow – After training with kettlebells for a few months, I am enjoying the benefits of increased core strength and alleviation of persistent shoulder pain incurred through a long career in the IT industry. I find that kettlebells provide functional training superior to the restricted repetitive motions dictated by exercise machines, and are more challenging to control than conventional weights. Kettlebell Athletica has provided me individually tailored, progressive instruction in the proper and safe handling of the bells, permitting faster results than conventional gym programs. And it’s more fun! Kettlebells lend themselves to a wide variety of exercises: My three kettlebells are a versatile home gym, requiring negligible storage space.


Sophie Loucaides – Over the last 5 years my only form of exercise was walking, I would go to the gym in phases but the lack of guidance and knowledge was really frustrating. Since I have joined Kettlebell Athletica (KA) in February 2009 I have moved fat from areas (thighs) I once thought I could never change. Exercising is now part of my everyday life. During my training sessions I want to and enjoy working hard. The trainers at KA bring a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy and experience to the sessions. I am consistently and constantly challenged by new exercises. The variety of exercise and the balanced approach created has helped me in finding new ways to challenge myself. I am amazed at the time and care put in to ensure I do things correctly, and get the most value from the exercise and the training sessions. KB has enabled me to do things I was not able to do before and I believe it has created a much more energetic and happier me! My strength, flexibility and balance has improved tremendously. My advice is, whatever your goal may be, stick to it and you will get the results. I can’t thank Jad and the team at Kettlebell Athletica enough for helping me on my journey to better health and wellbeing … and most of all, achieving my true potential.


Emily Nisman Testimonial – Kettlebells is a whole body workout building muscle, burning fat and increasing endurance all at the same time. As a dance instructor I’ve noticed a phenomenal change to my posture and strength, especially in the glutes and the abs, building up my overall core strength. And what’s more, there is a vast array of interesting and creative exercises to keep you on your toes! I recommend Kettlebells to all of my students no matter what age, shape or size they are because it really is the unfair advantage.


Chris Waxman Testimonial – Kettlebell training with the enthusiastic instructors challenges your body and your mind to push you in ways you never thought possible. Take the challenge


Phil Kourbatski Testimonial – what Phil says about KBA & Founder Jad Marinovic
From the moment Jad walked into my gym and picked up her first kettlebell, I knew that this girl had something very special about her. Her enthusiasm, determination and personal drive was absolutely astounding, and I was often left in complete awe of her ability to push herself towards desired results. She is diligent, dedicated and attentive to even the smallest of details, a consummate professional.  Jad’s eagerness to learn and her desire to take on new challenges, has seen her become one of the most accomplished, knowledgeable and skilled kettlebell personal trainers that I have had the pleasure of working with.  I am currently training people in Jad’s kettlebell gym, which is equipped with excellent functional equipment and that combined with a huge variety of technically sounded programs, which are thoroughly and carefully designed by Jad, will certainly make the process of achieving your personal goals a reality.  Jad’s experience and knowledge is displayed at all times. I can not recommend Jad highly enough both as a trainer and motivator

Kettlebell Athletica Workshop Testimonials

Testimonial Jodie Cherry – The Kettlebell Athletica workshop run by Jad Marinovic and Phil Kourbatski was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn the skills required to accurately perform the fundamental kettlebell exercises.   I have been using kettlebells for approximately six months and I appreciate that I am able to draw on the knowledge of experts like Jad and Phil.  Their explanation and demonstration is crucial to assist with the corrrection of any bad techniques and provided me with the principles behind the competent, efficient and safe use of the kettlebell.  I enjoyed every minute and look forward to attending another workshop in the near future.


Testimonial Karen Ellis IKFF KB Instructor, Vasily Ginko (girl!) Level 1 – Jad Marinovic and Phil Kourbatski’s KBA Level 1 – Introduction to Kettlebell Training Workshop, held at Jad’s Kettlebell Athletica, focused on technique and moving functionally as a whole. The core lifts and how to perform them were communicated and demonstrated in detail and with enthusiasm. Certain lifts such as the snatch , have many subtleties and Phil’s experienced eyes offered individual corrections. Visually both of them are great to observe, Jad’s natural style with the bells and grace of movement is outstanding. If you are serious about wanting to improve your technique and improve your flow, training with these two professionals is a must.


Testimonial Tyrone Crosse, jujitsu instructor – I recently attended a kettle-bell workshop at Kettle-bell Athletica to gain an insight into the fundamentals of kettlebell training.  I found the presenter, Phil Kourbatski, to be extremely knowledgable and an excellent instructor and Jad, the co-presenter (and professinoal kettlebell sport competitor), provided perfect demonstrations of the techniques.   Phil and Jad provided many helpful explanations that assisted  the participants in achieving the desired learning outcomes.  If you want to learn proper kettlebell technique and training methods I recommend you attend one of Phil and Jad’s workshops.  If you are a combat athlete you need to attend one of their seminars!


Testimonial – I participated in the kettlebell workshop held at Kettlebell Athletica on November 28th. Before the workshop I had no real knowledge of the wide array of techniques and training principals that make this type of training so useful. The instructors who ran the course, Phil Kourbatski and Jad Marinovic, were well versed in all the areas of kettlebell training and delivered the course to us at a very high standard. I can now consider myself very learned in all of the basic aspects of kettlebell training. Being a combat athlete was put onto Phil’s and Jad’s workshop  by my instructor and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about kettlebell training.  Great course!


Testimonial Peter Kyriakos – James Crosse Jiu – Jitsu combat athlete. On this day Sunday 28 November I attended a kettlebell seminar at Kettlebell Athletica.  There are two reasons why I enrolled in the seminar. Firstly, learn the fundamental skills of kettlebell training. Secondly, it’s conducted by Phil Kourbatsi and Jad Marinovic Phil’s and Jad’s personal attention and high level of coaching to the participants was outstanding. I felt the whole workshop very satisfying. I learned so much. I encourage all to attend one of Phil’s and Jad’s kettlebell workshop seminars!


Adam Shields – KBA Melbourne Open Kettlebell sport championship at the Arnold Sports Festival 

The Arnold classic sports festival is the biggest event in the Australian fitness calendar. Making the kettlebell sport competition that is part of this massive event, also the biggest in the Australian calendar. I have seen the event bring out the best in all of the athletes that compete. The slick presentation, the presence of the absolute finest lifers in the world along with the large crowds that assemble around the platforms is what makes it an event like no other.