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Kettlebell Athletica Accredited workshops presented by Australia’s 1st Master of Sport International Class and 5 x Kettlebell Sport World Champion Jad Marinovic is for coaches, personal trainers, fitness professionals, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts across the country and is geared towards the absolute Kettlebell Beginner.  

You will learn the fundamental skills to train with your kettlebells safely and effectively by learning the correct technique and breathing patterns.  You will also learn the difference between grinds and ballistic movements, and how to implement kettlebell lifts into a training program.  The fundamental kettlebell fitness lifts include the Swing, Clean , Press, Turkish getup, Windmill plus more.


Kettlebell Sport is a weightlifting sport performed with kettlebells that originates from Russia.  Unlike Olympic weightlifting or Power Lifting which is about maximal weight lifted, the sport of kettlebell lifting is classified as a cyclical sport where competitors have to lift a submaximal load, and perform as many repetitions as they can in a 10 minute time frame or longer to become champion.  The three classic competition lifts are the Snatch, Jerk, and the Long Cycle (Clean and Jerk).

Each lifter receives only one attempt to perform as many repetitions as they can without putting the kettlebells down. Only one hand switch is permitted in a single kettlebell 10 minute event but you can multiple hand switch in single kettlebell marathon events.

Competition events include the Snatch, Jerk, Long Cycle, Biathlon, Triathlon, Kettlebell Marathon, Kettlebell Relay and Power Juggling. More about Kettlebell Sport here:

Kettlebell Sport at the Arnold Sports Festival! Arnold Schwarzenegger with Arnold Kettlebell Sport Captain Jad Marinovic at the 2018 ASF Australia. More about Kettlebell Sport here:



We can organise private group workshops at your studio/gym in collaboration with Kettlebell Athletica.

How to Register: Send an email to with your details.

Instructor: Jad  Z Marinovic

Jad Z Marinovic is Australia’s 1st MSIC, Kettlebell Marathon Pioneer, World Champion, Multiple Australian Champion and record holder. Read more here: 


Any futher questions please email