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Kettlebell Athletica private training Kettlebell instruction requires an extensive background and training to be safe and effective. Kettlebell Athletica is an exclusive dedicated kettlebell training studio with highly skilled Kettlebell certified coaches and Kettlebell Sport World Champions with vast experience using the kettlebell for fitness and sport.

We can customize any type of individual program to help you reach your own fitness and health goals.  When you invest in the services of Kettlebell Athletica you can expect to take your goals to a whole new level and achieve your true potential.  Small group training is your answer if you like to have personalised private training for you and your friends.

KBA Small Group Training!

All Kettlebell Athletica’s Small Group Personal Training sessions  are 45 minutes and designed to cater for all levels.

The Kettlebell Athletica Basics session is a prerequisite before attending our regular private small group training sessions . All group personal training classes are available by appointment only. Participants must pre-register prior to participating in our small group training. You can pre-register sending an email to or alternatively you can call us on 0412 053 896 and leave a message.


KBA Kickstart Kettlebell Technique Sessions

An introduction to Kettlebell Athletica and the basic elements of traditional Kettlebell movement patterns. You will learn the fundamental skills to train with your kettlebells safely and effectively by learning the correct technique focusing on proper alignment, posture, and the connection between the mind, movement, muscle and breath. Improve your fitness and general well being while learning classic kettlebell moves like the swing, clean, press, squat, Turkish getup and Windmill. All participants interested in participating in our small group Kettlebell classes must first complete 2 x Kettlebell Athletica Kettlebell Technique Sessions.  Registration required. To find out more send an email to

KBA Kettlebell Fitness Class

Kettlebell Athletica fitness class is a challenging, fun and effective training program. You will be taken through a series of kettlebell exercises that can burn fat, increase your fitness, strength, endurance, balance and coordination. You will get strong as well as develop incredible functional core strength.  You will learn the fundamental skills to train with your kettlebells safely and effectively by learning the correct technique and breathing patterns. You will also learn the difference between grinds and ballistic, and how to implement kettlebell lifts into a training program.

KBA Kettlebell Sport Class 

KBA Kettlebell Sport training is focused on competition disciplines/events which include Snatch, Jerk, and Long Cycle (clean and jerk), followed by strength and endurance Kettlebell assistance exercises.  Come train with our team and experience the world of Kettlebell Sport for fitness and/or train towards competing in Kettlebell Sport!

Kettlebell Juggling

Private outdoor training to learn the art of Kettlebell Juggling elements for fitness and/or sport. Note: Pre-requisite 2 x Kettlebell technique session.

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Casual Pass rate $30

Note: Sessions are not held on public holidays.

For detailed class descriptions and further information please contact: