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The Performing Art of Kettlebell Power Juggling – Part 1

The Performing Art of Kettlebell Power Juggling – Part 1

The versatile kettlebell opens the doors to fitness, sport and the performing arts.  If you are keen to add excitement and intensity to your regular kettlebell workouts then kettlebell power juggling is your next challenge.  Kettlebell power jugging is already an established entertaining performing art in its own right.

With your amazing kettlebell training tool you can transform your exercise routines and athleticism into a unique blend of artistic expression and creative movement.  Juggling  a kettlebell to choreographed routines and the performer’s self expression to the music has an aesthetic appeal to both the participant and the audience, not unlike rhythmical gymnastics or even figure skating.  All this extra fitness comes with an equal amount of benefit to your strength and conditioning, and your power and grace.  Its a fantastic way to realise your goals.

Just for inspiration it is interesting to look back to the original strong man kettlebell juggling demonstrations.  They performed their amazing feats of strength and coordination in well rehearsed moves and tricks to audiences from the circus and other theatric and sports venues.

Both women and men can compete in power juggling. Women lift an 8 kg and men a 16 kg kettlebell, but in practice the weight will vary depending upon your age for example.

The benefits of Kettlebell power juggling can intensify the benefits you are already getting from Kettlebell sport or regulate kettlebell fitness workouts.  So imagine doing the time but enhancing benefits to your strength and conditioning, your power and stamina, your balance and discipline.  Its obvious that adding a touch of artistic expression to improve your athleticism is a challenge which pays dividends.  As you advance benefits include  hand-to -eye coordination, a stronger grip, increased agility, and fine-tuned reflexes plus overall functional strength, fitness, and a great feeling of achievement just to name a few.

Getting started

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Getting started with Kettlebell juggling requires an accomplished level of basic moves, so it’s not for the novice kettlebell lifter. First master the basic kettlebell techniques and exercises, ideally with fully qualified instructors in an efficient and safe environment.  Don’t try flipping and catching kettlebells thinking you can by pass the basics.  The basic include variations of the swing, clean, high pull, snatch, figure 8, and around the body pass, just to name a few.  Then you are ready to enhance your kettlebell skills and benefits with choreographed routines and combinations that will integrate strength, power and grace.

Once you are ready to compete the kettlebell power juggling athlete may perform alone, with a partner or in a group. Depending on the organisation competitors may be judged according to a point system which rates the precision and technique of each movement.  The sequence of movements, complexity and the artistic quality of the arrangement,   Points may also be deducted for technical errors in technique or dropping a kettlebell.

The international online kettlebell juggling tournament – 


The first stage of the international online tournament of Kettlebell – Geary (KETTLEBELL) IN THE AIR 2020 “.
Category “women veterans”
1st place – Jad Marinovic
Category “women lovers”
2nd place – Jad Marinovic (Australia)-5,54 points
Coach Oksana Nikifor.

The tournament is held to reveal the strongest kettlebell jugglers in the world, as well as to popularize this discipline. Participation in the tournament is voluntary.

Competitions are held according to the rules of kettlebell juggling recognized in Russia. The general organization and refereeing of the competitions is carried out by the coaching staff of the kettlebell juggling teams of the Russian regions.

The Performing Art of Kettlebell Power Juggling – Part 2 coming soon

Jad Marinovic